Full version: Blue Light Filter Pro – Android App

The Android app “Blue Light Filter Pro” reduces the blue light emanating from your smartphone and thus ensures easy operation even in the dark.

If you use your smartphone frequently, you should use a blue filter that reduces the blue light emitted by the cell phone screen and thus protects the eyes. The “Blue Light Filter Pro” app offers such a filter.

Blue Light Filter Pro: full app version is easy on the eyes

The app “Blue Light Filter Pro” is a blue filter for Android smartphones with some practical additional features. Not only can you set the filter color and intensity, but you can also set a timer at which time the filter should automatically switch on and off. In addition, the blue light filter can only be activated for individual apps.

You can operate the blue filter either via the app interface or the associated quick selection widget. You can also activate the filter in the notification bar of your Android smartphone with one click and change the filter intensity.