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Supreme Sous Vide NutriChef Thermal Immersion Circulator


An immersion circulator is very handy equipment as it lets you cook in a temperature-controlled environment according to your preference. The equipment offers precise cooking and thus helps in cooking such items that remain over or under cooked. The equipment sucks water and heats it according to the temperature set by the user and then throws the water back into the pot or tub and keeps it circulating so that the temperature remains even. You can easily cook meat such as chicken which can be overcooked if the temperature is not controlled. The Supreme Sous Vide Thermal Immersion Circulator is a good quality equipment that allows you to cook precisely. Also check other Gift ideas.


1.        Temperature and time adjustment:

The Sous Vide thermal immersion circulator allows you to set the time and temperature easily without any hassle. The controls are soft and you just have to touch them to set or adjust the time. To set the temperature, you can use the scroll wheel that is present at the front of the equipment. The buttons are digital and there is an LCD display that indicates the settings. The LCD display is a high resolution one and offers a convenient way to indicate the temperature and time.

2.        Self-submersible:

NutriChef is designed to clamp easily on the cooking pots so that you get a precisely temperature controlled environment for cooking. It can easily fit on any cookware and the stainless steel bottom remains immersed in the water of the pot. The bottom that is immersed in the pot keeps the water circulating and maintains the desired temperature for cooking. The circulation technology also helps in cooking delicious foods as it gives ultimate control over the food items.

3.        Compatibility:

The Sous Vide thermal equipment is compatible with different types of cookware and thus it is a good investment. The product is designed for deep cooking pots as the stainless steel bottom has to be immersed in the water to control the temperature. It is equipped with a durable clamp that offers easy attachment and detachment of the equipment. And very flexible and helps the user cook with minimum effort. You just have to add water in a pot and attach the equipment and press start. Then you can add other ingredients in the water to cook anything you like.

4.        High-powered heating:

Most of the immersion circulator equipment use 800 watt power to provide heating but this equipment offers high-powered heating of 1000 watts. It is equipped with a durable and good quality heating element that takes lesser time to heat the water. The heating element is very fast and allows you to achieve the desired temperature in a matter of minutes. Overcooking can spoil the food and thus this equipment is provided with easy adjustment of temperature along with a heating element.


  • Heating element power: 1000 Watts
  • Design material: stainless steel engineered ABS
  • Power: 120 V
  • Cable length: 3.9 ft
  • Temperature unit: Fahrenheit/ Celsius
  • Maximum time allowed: 99 hours
  • Maximum temperature allowed: 95 degree Celsius (203 F)
  • Attachment type: clamp-on


  • It is very affordable.
  • Is compatible with almost all types of cookware.
  • It is a reliable brand.
  • Is has a durable and flexible clamp.
  • It is equipped with a powerful heating element.
  • The LCD is a high resolution one.
  • The controls are soft-touch.
  • 1 year warranty and 90 days money back guarantee.


  • The thermostat is not stable.
  • The customer support is not good.

Customer Reviews and Conclusion:

The Sous Vide Thermal immersion equipment has many satisfied customers and it is very popular among people who love to cook delicious meals. Many customers have stated that they are very satisfied with this purchase and that it delivers excellent value for money. One customer stated that he is very impressed with this equipment as it is very flexible and heats water very fast. He advised that the equipment’s best use is with vacuum sealed bags because then there is no fear of overcooking or burning of food. Another customer stated that it heats very fast and keeps on indicating the time and temperature for convenient cooking.

The Sous Vide (NutriChef) is a reliable thermal immersion circulator which offers an easy way to cook delicious meals. For example, you’re going to cook steak, you just have to simmer the meat with spices, put it in a sealed plastic bag and then place it in the water both. Set the time and temperature and relax to have a savory meal waiting for you.

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